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Well, some punk put a bunch of pics on this page, what were they thinking?

Pat's not gonna like this...

and this my friends, is why Columbia died.

Now what a picture perfect moment
Aren't they cute!
That is a cool hat
Well hey its a cute pic
I love that look!
Yes the pic is small, but she looks very hot in it!
Did he just stab her with a fork?!?
No, really it looks like he stabbed her with a fork
an intersting angle
Why the hell is that dudes hand on her leg....why can't my hand be on her leg? The only acceptable people to put their hands on her are me, Ritz, and Nell, and Meatloaf I guess...and anyone she loved I suppose.....oh shut-up its my site!!
They sing well together
They are made for eachother
Your looking at an ace
This pic is from a wonderful movie
Shake it baby
I like this pic, too bad it's so small
But I wanted to go out with Pat tonight!!!
hehe, I just thought that would be funny
::sniff:: its so beautiful.....::sob:: I wish I was Ritz!
Do you even know what I would give to be that mop?
Shoot I would kill to be the rag even! ::sigh:: Oh well, I'll meet her someday!
Just like out of a dream
She looks quite deep in thought, don't you think?
Ok I know this makes them look old but...
I know it's not the best looking picture of the 2 of them, but so what, they look so happy and cute!