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I have decided to add a bit more info about stuff
Hiya folks, this is a page of stuff and after you have seen it and everything else here you should go to my second site, it has fanfics!

The Trannies
Lessee trannie stuff....well the long haired one if front of Ritz us Kimmi Wong (spelling?), his wife at the time, Imogen Claire re-appeared in Shock Treatment (I think I got the name right), A few of the Trannies have passed on, Fran Fullenwider is the only one I can be sure of, I also know that Charles Grey has passed on as well,there are more, but sadly I cannot think of the names, as soon as I do they will be listed, but in any case... to absent friends, they will be missed.
Not only did Pat play Magenta, but she played the usherette (Trixie) as well. The Rocky Horror Show (not the movie) opened with Trixie singing "Science Fiction Double Feature" and doing some little act and throwing candy and things to the audience, Patricia was of course the first to play this role and just as she did with Magenta, she sets the standard. The pic you see is her playing Trixie in 1996 I believe.
The hair.
Patricia is most remembered for her lips and her wild hair. Well not to ruin anyones fun, but her natural hair colour is NOT red. It is actually black, but she dyed it for The Rocky Horror Show and decided to keep it that way, well either way it suits her, and her hair is totally great!

for more coolness go to tis my second site