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A Bit about Little Nell.
Her real name is Laura Campbell (spelling?) and she was discovered tap dancing on the street in London, she was seen, and the guy who discovered her recognized her talent and she was cast as Columbia in RH.

Pat and Nell
Pat and Nell are quite good friends, I heard once that they would go over lines together in their tralior during RH. Nell owns a club in New York, so I don't think they see eachother as much as they would like to, but still, they do remain close friends. Rumour has it that they were wild things during RH, now I dont' know if that is true or not, but who knows, perhaps they did run about when they weren't suppossed to.

the question on many people's minds....
So, what was the deal with Magenta and Columbia, were they just goofing around, or was there something there? In my opinion (and it may differ from yours) I think that they might have had some sort of relationship, perhaps just that one time. The reason I thin kthis is because of the whole RH thing, it seems that everyone had sex because it felt good, Brad and Frank, Janet and Rocky, but who knows, they might have just been making fun of Janet, I think it is really up to how you think, the only one who really knows what was implied is Ritz himself.