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since this thing is not so great, I only got to put 3 pics here, but hey they are cool.
I have a couple more crappy pics pages like this too, but they have little tidbits of info, so yay!

  I don't know what to put here, give me time right, this page will have some fun info, when i can think of what to put, just chill, I was more worried about putting the pics up

shhh she is hiding!
  did you know... When Ritz was asked how often he saw the people from RH (other acst members) he is quoted as saying (in refference to Pat) "I see Pat very regularly", they are very close friends, he also said something about hopeing they would still be friends together in heaven.
(yes I am aware that I cannot spell)

They look so cute!
  Ritz and Pat joke around a lot Ritz and Pat have very simmilar senses of humour, they sometimes even hit or try to trip eachother, from the pic next to this I would imagine Ritz was behind the camera doing something to make her laugh. I heard once that when Pat met Ritz her first impression was "these are my people".

this is too funny

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