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to aid in your quest for pat, I have added more pics!
enjoy them people, Pat Quinn pictures rule!

I like this one
I forgot if I have this up anywhere else or not, but I like it so HA!
now how did they do that? ~~~~~~~~>
take your bows!
obviously they just finished a great show
On stage in London
I have no idea what is going on, but it looks fun!

She is just so pretty!
note Tims hand next to hers...ooooooooooo
the look says it all
yes, I took this from another site....but it's a cool pic!
Patricia in I Claudius
SHe plays a character name Lavilla, she is evil, but beautiful, and she knows it! She seduces people and then screws them over, a very interesting character, and I Claudius is totally worth watching.
another from I Claudius
She just killed her husband, poison, and now she is about to be groped, oh this is a great film!

fun pic
This was a great scene in I Claudius, she is about to attack him!

I like the pic ok?
I think it is a very fun expression, and you get some info about her, it is so win win