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OK well lessee, my name is Megan (look at me i am so great!)and I am in love with Patricia Quinn, I guess that makes me a...
Ok well anyway I act, sing, draw, write, and make an ass of myself on a daily basis! I hang out with my friends a lot, Simon is about my bestest buddy, I laugh when people say we should get married, yeah me and Simon, Simon is gay. OK so what else should I tell you....I like horses, so you can buy me one! Ok I am done typing now.

The History or Story Behind My Site
Well my cyber buddy Yasmin said we should do one cause we both think Pat is just so great, but since she was to thick headed to do one herself....
(sorry yas, you know your my buddy)

More stuff
I am a very complex person, and I am a bitch, no really I am. I can be very mean and depending on the phase of the moon (lol) I may become super mega bitch which is fun, ok well lessee I am not fond of school but I think I have to go or something. My home life is interesting, I can't wait till I am 18 and actually have enough money, I want to move to England and study preforming arts. Well I guess thats what I am going to tell you, if you care, I feel so loved.Oh and yes, I am very odd, very, very odd. People are confused by what I say because they can't tell what I meant by it, hehe I leave you guessing!

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